Saturday, June 11, 2011


Girls are pretty awesome. They're smart, or beautiful, or funny, or strong, or all of those things. Throughout my life I've become close friends with several of them, and I love each one of these women very dearly.


I have a small (okay, not that small) gripe that I wish someone would address. I am tired of girls who hang themselves up on boys who treat them badly. A few days ago I read a brilliant (and irreverent) blog that sums up many of the characteristics of those boys, and it got my wheels turning. Sooooo many of my dearly-loved female friends have dipped their toes in these oily waters once or twice, and some keep going back again and again for yet another swim. And then they feel so hurt and betrayed and used and disappointed and depressed. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to invalidate those feelings. But, for heaven's sake, ladies, if you don't want to feel those things in a relationship, stop dating the men who make you feel that way! Decide, once and for all, to forgo looks and charm and fashion as the top qualities you look for. Unsurprisingly, the men who will find you the most precious and beautiful are the ones who will not be competing with you for the bathroom mirror. And they will also respect you, make you laugh, provide for you, and support you in your dreams. They - we - will not feel threatened by you, we will feel incredibly lucky to have you.

Clearly my motives here are less than perfectly altruistic. I've been searching for the right girl for a long time, and every time I think I might have found her, she tells me I'm "very sweet," and proceeds to date a good-looking, charming, funny jerk. I definitely feel bad for these girls. But I also get frustrated!! It's also irritating because, believe it or not, I often have beautiful, talented, intelligent women tell me what a catch I am. Unfortunately, they're always married already! They promise to "keep an eye out" for me, but what good does that do?! It just makes me confused.

In any case, I revisit my original point: girls are awesome. They might also be kinda crazy sometimes, which only goes to balance out the stupidity of the boys. And yet....I still wish I belonged to one. Someday...

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