Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Chapter

The Book of Me

Chapter 1: The Early Years - in which I am born, and develop my basic personality. From birth to 9 years old.

Chapter 2: The Start of Everything - in which I discover theatre, move to a new house, get my first kiss, hit adolescence, and begin making more significant mistakes than before. Ages 9 to 15.

Chapter 3: High School - in which I reclaim the confidence I had as a child, and get great opportunities, and generally do well with a lot of them. Ages 15 to 19.

Chapter 4: Transitioning - in which I learn how to serve, my mistakes come back to bite me, I mostly learn from them over a long period of time, and I go back to school. Ages 19 to 22.

Chapter 5: Education - in which I make many more mistakes, find some elusive joy in unexpected places, hone my talents, learn to be a grown-up, and discover (repeatedly) that I am not as important to most of the people I care about as they are to me. Ages 22 to 28.

Chapter 6.

A chance to start over.

A chance to be new, to have a clean slate. To reclaim the best parts of who I am, and find my love for myself, regardless of who else may feel the same. To change. So:

Uncap the pen.

Turn the page.

Here I go.

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