Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been a while! Started my second of three senior years of college, got cast in a show, promised myself I'd avoid all drama, and promptly broke said promise. But, amazingly, life is going well. I'm lonely. I'm frustrated at times. I'm getting slightly burned out. But life is still good. Nothing much to report, and nothing traumatic or revelatory has taken place...but I "had to write" and reinforce all the good, normal things :o)

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Aaron said...

Dear Actor, You did a wonderful job in your latest show, and I'm sure the one you have coming up in March will be even better. I've seen you from afar and you seem to have it all together, but life tends to be cruel to those who deserve it the least, and an actor of your caliber can easily hide it all on the inside. The drama you are going through now is surely only temporary, and I hope you know that when I see you, I get a sense of hope in this lonesome and tiring world. Keep your Head held High, Actor. You may not know it, but people respect and admire you for you efforts and strength.
Aaron Hyde